What This Newsletter Is All About

Welcome to Words with Kirstie. I’m Kirstie. Glad we made that intro.

I’m a writer for psychology, mental health, and relationships. I write regularly for Medium, have bylines in Cosmo and Swipe Life, and run the advice column, Ask iris. I’m also the author of the book, What I Wish I Knew About Love, out now with Thought Catalog Books.

I send out emails focused on relationships, dating, and self-love. Plus I answer reader’s question, which you can send in, too (info (at) kirstietaylor (dot) com). I also link all the articles I wrote that week and articles written by other people that I freakin’ loved and want to share.

I’m all about a little thing called self-authenticity. I believe being your authentic self leads to happier relationships and more success in life. That belief is a core theme that runs through everything I write.

In a world where we are all constantly connected, we feel more alone than ever. I hope to change that, even if only slightly.