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Welcome to Words with Kirstie. I’m Kirstie. Glad we made that intro.

I’m a dating and relationship author, writer, and coach. I help anxious people feel more confident in their love lives. I write regularly for Medium, have bylines in Cosmopolitan Magazine, Wall Street Journal, and Well + Good. I also write an advice column, Ask iris.

My book, What I Wish I Knew About Love, is the guide for dating, breakups, and relationships that everyone needs but we didn’t have growing up.

I send weekly emails with dating and relationship advice plus curated links of the best content across the internet from that week.

I focus on a little thing called self-authenticity. Leaning into your authentic self, rather than hiding it, leads to the best kind of love. Too often people who feel a lot are told we’re “wrong” or need to change, and it’s about time we call out that BS.

Having feelings and wanting to form attachments with people is a super power. Don’t feel that yet? Then make sure to subscribe to this newsletter to help you realize that.

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Kirstie Taylor

Relationship and dating writer.