What do you want more of?

Let's chat!

Hey everyone,

If you follow me on social media, you know I recently made a big decision.

I put in my notice to leave my part-time job (you know, the kind that simply pays the bills).

I’m going full-in on this writing thing. Through Medium. Through this newsletter. Through an eventual book.

The future of this newsletter is up in the air. I want to know what I can do more of, what you want more of.

Some ideas I’m playing with include:

  • Interviews with experts in the relationship/dating field

  • Recorded “podcast” format of my articles

  • Building a community for people pertaining to dating/relationships. Where they can ask questions to each other and me. For information and, more importantly, support.

Do any of those interest you? Have any other ideas?

Let me know what you think! Reply to this email and let’s get to chatting.

All the best,