Weekly Words Roundup

Care about my opinions

Hello friends in my computer,

Since my last email talked about being more personable and active with you all, I thought a Weekly Words Roundup kind of email would be perfect with you all.

WTH will be in your Weekly Roundup?

A little known fact about me— unless you’ve spent more than 30 minutes with me IRL— I fucking LOVE books.

Begin rant: If you’re not reading books, you’re missing out on life. Books are a plethora of knowledge on whatever the hell you want to learn about, typed up into a tiny, floppy paper container. They often consist of decades of research, planning, experience, writing, all wrapped up into a book you can read in four hours. THIS BLOWS MY MIND.

So I choose to read, a lot. I prefer to have a non-fiction and fiction book always on hand. If I’m tired, I’ll sit back and be serenaded by a beautiful narrative while my mind does literally zero work. But if I’m feeling a bit more analytical, I can contemplate the complex nook and crannies of the human condition via the words of great philosophers.

End rant (point finally being made): I read at least a book every week or so. I figured, why not relay my favorite ones to you? A bit of a book review format, but MUCH less appropriately critical and much more random musings. And why not throw in the best articles I read that week?

Think of this roundup as me sussing through all the bullshit out there; letting you know what actually rocks. You’re oh so very welcome.

Since I basically committed a huge email faux-pas by writing that wall of text, I’ll leave you with this book review and a few articles are the bomb dot com.

Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari and Eric Klinenberg

I hope none of you flinched while you read Aziz Ansari’s name. Aziz is a great guy, and if you read this book, any of your doubts will quickly vanish.

I listened to this book in its audio format. Aziz is a hilarious guy, obviously; He commits the same humor to the reading of his book. There’s just something about his voice that makes me feel like he’s my BFF that I hang with on the reg.

I chose this book simply because I heard about it, and then it came up on my Libby app. Since I write about relationships, I figured I should give this book a shot; if only for market research purposes.

But man was I PLEASANTLY SURPRISED. Aziz is not just some comedian that decided to write a book for a quick buck. He and his co-author Eric Klinenberg actually conducted on-the-field research, in multiple countries, and had every day people submit their experiences of modern dating via a subreddit.

The authors didn’t ramble on about their opinions of modern dating— though Aziz tosses them in lightly here and there— but they just state the plain old facts.

I always say, “dating in Los Angeles sucks nowadays,” but now I have firm understandings of why dating exists in the often times odd form it is today. And I’m not so sure that it sucks anymore, more so than everything has its own downfalls.

So whether you’re single, ready to mingle or just interested in how we all got hooked on these dating games (I mean apps) like Tinder, I’d suggest giving Modern Romance a read.

And I’ll leave you with a few articles that have rocked my world (or at least gave it a little friendly shoulder nudge):

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