Only Toxic By Britney in 2020

This week has been a helluva a week. The holidays are amongst us, and our president is now the third in US history to be impeached.

I’m not sure which should cause more joy.

Anywho, politics aside because they’re not my jam, let’s talk about the new year that’s rolling in.

A whole new decade is approaching. This means the time of resolutions is upon us, a time to make some significant changes or at least sign up for a gym membership you’ll never use.

While goals of getting in shape and eating healthier are great, finally letting go of toxic habits is something a lot of us could stand to do. More specifically, we need to let go of dating habits that are rude, selfish, or holding us back from finding love.

We got away with a lot when we were teenagers and in our early twenties. But many of these behaviors are a result of our insecurities, lack of respect for people’s feelings, and unawareness.

So it’s time to let them go, as Elsa would say.

It’s great to take your time to find an amazing partner, and it doesn’t need to be stressful. But these dating habits aren’t doing you or anyone else any good:

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“No more toxic friendships, relationships, thoughts, vibes.. only toxic by Britney Spears.”

Here are some more resources I love all about letting go of toxic aspects of your life:

Cutting out a toxic friend

It’s not easy to end a friendship, especially if you’ve been friends for a while. There are a few tips in this article that make the process easier and help you decide if your friendship is more draining than filling.

Getting out of negative thought spirals

“Stop thinking about it,” seems to be the worse advice when you’re obsessing over an event or worrying. In this article, written by yours truly, I suggest getting out into the world. Replace your thinking with more doing.

Deciding if you should end your relationship

Break-ups suck. I would know, I avoided far too many where the relationship ran its course. But in this article, I try to help make things a bit clearer if a break-up is inevitable or necessary.

Habits to let go of to feel happy and successful

Unless you’re incredibly self-aware or seeing a therapist, most of us have toxic habits/beliefs that hold us back from being the best version of ourselves. This article helps pinpoint those habits for you.

With 2020 running in, use the chance of a New Years’ resolution as one to change not only your diet and exercise routine but your overall happiness.

It’s not always easy, but taking the first step is still the hardest. I hope this email helps you take that first step.

Until next week, my amazing readers.

All the love,


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