Interview: Alexa Curtis and self-isolating alone

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This week, I’m focusing on being single during the quarantine. And I decided to bring my friend and badass businesswoman, Alexa Curtis— blogger and CEO of Life Unfiltered with Alexa Curtis— to talk about how she is getting through this time of social-distancing and self-quarantine.

How are you handling going through the quarantine by yourself? Are new feelings coming up for you? 

This has been interesting on a personal and business level for me. I definitely would prefer to be alone during this time and not in a relationship, which is probably the opposite of what other people are feeling like! I don't mind following my own schedule and honestly, only thinking about myself and my business during this time. I don't think I'll ever have a time like this again where I can genuinely be "selfish" and I'm embracing it. 

What’re some tips you have for people feeling lonely during the quarantine and missing the fun of dating? 

I have a few friends who have been heavily Bumble/video dating and I think that's a great idea! I'd say that a lot of guys are equally as lonely as females and vice versa, so there's no harm in still trying to actively plan dates for yourself via social media platforms even if they don't end up being the best "date" ever. Make time to FaceTime your friends and text them throughout the day so that you avoid feeling lonely, and pick up a new hobby! Life will go back to normal soon enough. 

What are your thoughts on the hot topic of, should you text your ex? 

Oh boy, I should say don't do it, but I don't really believe you shouldn't. If you find yourself texting your ex excessively when you're with someone new you're seeing, I'd rethink why you ended your previous relationship. If random thoughts come up then and now, there's no harm in reaching out and saying you hope they're doing well. Look, we're all human. If you're sitting in your room on Saturday night and thinking about your ex, give them a call (as long as they're not seeing someone else!) The issue is when you find yourself texting/calling someone you previously loved because you're bored or upset about how the relationship ended - not because you're simply thinking about them. 

Have you attempted any of the FaceTime/Zoom dating options out there? 

No. I was seeing someone and ended it when this started happening. So the idea of trying to date during this time, in general, was therefore not the play for me, personally. 

What are some things you love doing by yourself? 

I love reading, cooking and drinking wine, and spending as much time watching Netflix as I want! 

Finally, what’s something you’re reading/watching/doing in quarantine that you’re loving? 

Ozark! I went to acting camp with Charlotte (Sofia Hublitz) which is cool to watch her doing her thing, and book-wise, I just finished Bad Blood (based on Elizabeth Holmes) and loved it!

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