I'm Writing A Book

Two announcements; one is in the title.

Hey everyone,

In case you haven’t heard, I’m writing a book. The working title? What I Wish I Knew About Love.

The premise? A collection of all my dating, love, heartbreak, and self-discovery advice in one place. Sorta like a big sister or quirky aunt kinda vibe.

85% of the content will be completely new. There will be a lot more personal anecdotes. It will be a whole lotta fun.

So I’m going to start a book-update series as part of my newsletter. You’ll find it in my usual newsletter, just above the Content I Wrote/Loved sections. I’m already 31,000 words in and currently working with a developmental editor. I already have a lovely publisher I’m working with, Thought Catalog Books.

Keep a lookout for the launch these coming weeks. There will still be a free part of this newsletter, but it will be trimmed down to a monthly post.

Anywho, that is all. If you love my newsletter, it means the world when you spread the word. If you have any dating questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

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See you in your inboxes on Friday.

All the love,