Friday Roundup!


Long-time no talk. If you don’t know what my face looks like, I added a picture! Know you can put the proper arrangement of eyeballs, lids, nose, mouth, etc. behind the words!

I’ve been working hard at cranking out articles, figuring my book, and planning how I can connect with you all on a more intimate level.

I met with a woman that helped me a bit with understanding how everything I’m working on pieces together. I want to share the changes we talked about:

My overall goal with my writing is to help empower people to process their struggles and live life in a way authentic for them. To do so, I story tell. I share the knowledge I’ve accumulated. I tell you how I’ve fucked up. And I tell you what worked for me (or didn’t).

So that’s why we’re here. An anti-fluff, no-bullshit resource and guiding friend to get you living a life, every day, that you fucking love (or at least like most of the time).

Expect an email sometime next week explaining more about my journey and who I am. I realized, via the person I met with, I’ve never put my whole journey led me to do all of this kind of writing into one concise story. But no more! Look out for it next week.

Friday Roundup will be a consistent thing. I’ll include all the articles I wrote for the week, articles that I loved, and a book review all for you to consume and indulge in.

This last part, I want your opinion on. Since storytelling is so powerful for me, I’m curious how it would be for all of you. I’m not saying to write your memoir and post it for the world to see. I’m talking about writing prompts that help you process beliefs, past scenarios, perhaps traumas, that you have. In doing so, you make more sense of it all. And these stories remain private and purely for you.

Would a writing prompt for you to do every Wednesday be something of interest? LET ME KNOW! You can easily write to me by replying to this email.

Anywho, tis all I have to say about that.

As for the roundup, here you go:

I was on a podcast! Check it out here

My writing:

Creating Boundaries In A New Relationship

Feelings That Are Easily Mistaken For Love

Anxiously Awaiting For A Text Back From Your Date (Fiction)

The Hopeful Romantic’s Guide To Dating Slowly

Articles I loved:

How To Be Smart In A World Full Of Dumb People

Why Listening To Sad Music Makes You Feel Better

Write To Express, Not To Impress

Book Review:

I am in the midst of On Writing by Stephen King. If you’re thinking, Kirstie.. I’m not a writer. Why, WHY!? would you recommend this book to me?

Well, the book is about more than just writing. Lucky for you non-writers, the writing techniques are in the latter half of the book, too.

Stephen King is a prolific writer; having sold over 350 million copies of his books, there’s no arguing that. His skills in crafting thrilling narratives carry over into this novel.

I’ll be straight up: I’ve never read one of King’s novels. But I’m now a huge fan, regardless, purely because of this semi-memoir. King describes being in 6th grade, throwing together make-shift comics, and selling them at school. I mean, if that’s not a lesson about passion or grit, I don’t know what is.

Plus he’s in a writer’s rock band. A legit band made up of only writers that cover rock songs. Um, hello. That’s sick. King hooked me there.

I’d highly recommend giving this book a read/listen. Even if it’s just the first half, you’ll be highly entertained.