A Crazy Idea About New Year's Resolutions

You don't need a gym or diet *gasp*

Good Friday, fellow humans!

We are in the last few days of this DECADE. Wow, say that one again.

While this ain’t no Y2K— I’m not wearing jelly sandals and dancing to Crazy by Britney while my parents worry all technology will cease to exist— this new decade is still something we can get excited about.

With a new year comes an age-old tradition: new year’s resolutions.

And while I’m not a fan of resolutions, I’m sure most of you are. So I want to be the one that says something that desperately needs to be said:

New Year’s resolutions focused solely on losing weight are antiquated and uncreative.

Unless you medically need to improve your health, these resolutions are too focused on what’s on the outside. And that’s probably why people never keep them. The motivation is a bit surface level. 

So let’s dig a little deeper. 

If you’re going to partake in the tradition of resolutions, maybe consider setting your sights inward instead of externally. Why not use this chance to work on becoming a happier, more self-aware version of yourself?

If you’re interested in becoming a better person, consider these resolutions for 2020:

Stop saying “sorry” all the time

Some people struggle with admitting when they’ve done wrong. That’s a whole issue in itself. 

But other people are on the other side of the spectrum: they over-apologize.

If you’re one of these people who habitually say sorry, you know what I mean by this. 

When someone bumps into you at the store, you apologize. When you speak your opinion, it’s immediately followed by a “sorry.”

There’s no need to say sorry for existing, things that are out of your control, or anything that doesn’t warrant an apology. Saying sorry harms your psyche and those around you. You’ll start to feel and look guilty when you shouldn’t. It can even come across as annoying or weak.

Replace “sorry” with a term like “thank you” or “excuse me.” You’ll see a drastic difference fairly quick. 

Start seeing a therapist

Everyone could stand to see a therapist. Not a single person in this world is free of trauma or worries.

So why is it that therapy isn’t more popular? Emotional well-being should be as much of a priority to people as going to the gym; the world would be a much better place if so.

Take the leap and go see a therapist. Schedule appointments with a few people; find out who you like. Then talk to them about whatever it is that is bothering you about your life or self.

You’d be surprised what they can help you uncover.

Learn to communicate with your partner better

Communication in a relationship is key, but people are pretty horrible at it.

Some people feel like they’re not good at it. But you know what would fix that? Practice.

Others feel like they don’t have the words. In this case, there are plenty of books out there that can help with that (or, therapy — reference above).

Maybe you need to dive into a bit of psychology. Understanding your partner’s love language will get you far.

Strengthen your relationships by learning how to communicate better; you’ll see a difference in many aspects of your life. 

Keep your promises

If you’re the kind of person that likes to flaunt or makes promises they never keep, you’re doing yourself a huge disfavor.

There’s nothing more annoying than people that don’t follow through. Especially in this age of everyone living on the internet, people are faker than ever.

Genuinity is a rare characteristic nowadays. Aim to have your word mean something, rather than throwing around empty promises.

Cultivate self-love

Self-love is a lot harder to cultivate than it seems.

Our view of ourselves started when we were mere children. How our parents treated us and themselves shaped our self-esteem from a young age.

Then there’s the added, complicated layer of social media — making us feeling inadequate and comparing our lives to everyone else’s.

Opt for 2020 to be the year you finally love yourself. Replace the negative thoughts in your head with positive ones. Pursue goes that make you, and only you, proud. Treat yourself to things you love.

Do one little thing, day by day, and you’ll see a massive improvement by the end of the year.

Be humble

There are too many people in the world today thinking they’re hot shit.

But if there’s one piece of advice I could give them, it’s this: sit down, be humble (thank you, Kendrick).

No one is perfect. No one is above everyone else. No one knows everything.

You’re inhibiting yourself from a lot of growth when you lack humility and grace. There’s so much we can learn from one another, but being overly egotistical is going to keep you from that growth.

Let’s forget the gyms and diets, just for a year. Instead, let’s focus on becoming a better person internally.

With 2020 rolling in, shift your focus to alternative milestones that will make you feel and be a happier, more authentic version of you.

Until next week my amazing readers.

All the love,


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