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Hey everyone,

I’ll just go ahead and start with the exciting news. I’ve signed the paperwork on a book deal with Thought Catalog Books! It’ll be about what I wish I knew about love when I was younger. Sort of a culmination of all my work in a more concise format.

I’m really so excited for you guys to read it. But first, I have to finish it. I’ll keep you in the loop as things progress. In the meantime, let me know if there’s anything, in particular, you’d like to see in the book.

Now onto this week’s email. I’m currently on Week 9 of quarantine. That’s a lot of days to spend confined in one place, with the same person (if you’re in a relationship).

I love my boyfriend, but things have been rough. It’s a balancing act of spending time with myself and spending time with him. But what we’re most having trouble with is not becoming complacent in our relationship.

The question keeps popping up: how can we be good partners and keep things interesting during the quarantine?

So this week, let’s talk about love during the lockdown.

Ways to connect more…

If you’re apart

  • Play games you can do against each other. I suggest QuizUp; my boyfriend and I love it.

  • Ask them what they need from you. It’s not always easy to speak up about what we need.

  • FaceTime. I’d like to think this goes without saying, but seeing your partner, even on a screen, is important for your connection.

If you’re together

  • Make lunch for them. It’s one less thing they have to worry about.

  • Bake them their favorite dessert. What’s a better way to show your love than sweets?

  • Give them a back rub. It’s physical touch, and you make them feel more relaxed.

Ways to shake things up…

If you’re apart

  • Plan a movie date. Netflix has a way to share your movie-watching experience.

  • Write a card. Then spray it with your cologne/perfume before you send it.

  • Send a sexy photo. Chances are you both miss being intimate with each other, why not send a little reminder?

If you’re together

  • Plan a night to lay outside and look at the stars. Unless you’re in the city, in which case, listen to music.

  • Do a new activity together. Buy some paints and have your own wine and paint night.

  • Try something new in your sex life. Buy a new sex toy or try new positions.

Loving gestures to do everyday…

If you’re apart

  • Text them when you wake up and go to sleep. Remind them you’re always thinking of them.

  • Snap them silly pics of you. Not everything has to be serious during the lockdown.

  • Send memes they’d think is funny. Everyone could use a good laugh right now. I’m relatively certain a dog dancing to Adele will do the trick.

If you’re together

  • Make their coffee. The way to my heart will always be through caffeine.

  • Eat your meals together. It’s easy to fall out of any sense of a routine. But now that you’re always together, try setting aside time every day to eat at least one meal with each other.

  • Cuddle. Cuddling is the best. Do a lot of it.

Most importantly, though, be honest with your partner. Chances are that if you’re worried about something, they are too. Communication is going to be your biggest aid when maintaining a healthy relationship, whether you’re together or not.

Some helpful content…

Here’s some helpful advice, straight from a therapist’s mouth. If your sex drive is down, know you’re not alone. Read about the weirdest fights between couples and laugh a little. Read this if you’re thinking about having an important convo with your partner.

Until next week... stay sane & healthy.

All the love,


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